Vertical Greenhouse

This isn’t exactly theatre related, but it’s a super cool concept that I hope will be implemented in the future:

A city in Sweden called Linköping is planning to build a 17-storey, vertical greenhouse. This enables the city to be more self-sufficient- growing food while working around the problem of urban sprawl (going up).

From the article:

“The greenhouse is a conical glass building that uses an internal “transportation helix” to carry potted vegetables around on conveyors. As plants travel around the helix, they rotate for maximum sun exposure. Hassle says the building will use less energy than a traditional greenhouse, take advantage of “spillage heat” energy companies cannot sell, digest waste to produce biogas and plant fertilizers, and decrease carbon dioxide emissions while eliminating the environmental costs of long-distance transportation. And growing plants in a controlled environment will decrease the amount of water, energy, and pesticides needed. ”

The building is supposed to open in 2013. Maybe I can finally go on my long-awaited Europe trip next year and stop by Linköping; I’d love to see this!

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