Info on props sourcing and building.

Purchasing and/or Renting Props

When it comes to sourcing props for a show, there are endless avenues you can go that aren’t Walmart or the mall (dun dun duuuuun). Here are just a few of the multitudes of places you can go to purchase, borrow, or rent props:


Old Strathcona Antique Mall: Located at 10323 78th Avenue, this place is a dream! Two stories of every kind of thing under the sun, and if what you want is beyond the sun, you can fill out an Item Request form on their website (

Value Village: Good ol’ VV. There are many stores across Edmonton that carry an assortment of items, although, to be honest, I’d go more for the clothes.

Goodwill: Goodwill is another secondhand store that has four locations in Edmonton, as well as additional donation dropoff centres. They are similar to Value Villages, but cheaper, and a bit more interested in helping disadvantaged citizens, which I believe plays its’ own part in sustainability.


Reuse Centre: For books, CDs, trophies, Christmas cards, craft supplies, craft books, VHSes, basically everything. for the weird shit. Need a gramophone? An antique veterinary surgical kit? A mummified bat? A skull? Oddmonton has it to rent or buy! You can also sell to Oddmonton if you have some extra bones or antique syringes to get rid of.


The Timms Prop Shop: They rent! And they have tons of stuff!


Friends and Family: They’ve got your back.


Kijiji: They have TONS of free pianos, if you ever do a show with like, 5 pianos in it.


Super Flea Market: Edmonton’s main flea market has two locations: 5017 127 Ave NW and 12011 111 Ave NW. Both are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-5pm and sell “Everything Imaginable Under the Sun!” ( )


The Junque Cellar: all sorts of odds and ends including furniture, suitcases, books, dishware, photos, and some clothes, too!


Discount Thrift Store: two Edmonton Locations: 9528-163 street & 12721 – 50 street. Both are a little out of the way, but I’ve read a lot of pretty good reviews on this place- very cheap clothes and other items.


Home Re-Use-Ables: Located on 8832 62nd Ave, Home Re-Use-Ables lists their inventory on their website (, so you can take a look to see if there’s anything you need before stopping by. They sell lots of old kitchen sets, lights, sinks, and other household items.

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Building Props

Building props is super fun. It allows you to be creative, crazy, inventive, and hands-on. If you don’t have a prop shop to yourself, it is helpful to build a little toolkit with scissors, glue, tape, paints, paper, and any other craft thing you can think of.
Lots of craft stores and stationery sections in larger stores carry non-toxic or ecological alternatives to traditional adhesives. I mentioned a book earlier called The Green Guide for Artists by Karen Michel; it has a lot of information about different kinds of adhesives you can use, such as collage glue, rice paste, waterproof glue, methyl cellulose glue, gum Arabic glue, casein glue, and acrylic glue. There are also tons of commercial brands such as Green Glue and EcoGlue. has many ideas and a small online store with greener craft supplies.
In terms of paper, use recycled or post-consumer paper whenever possible! DUH! And recycle every bit of waste you create!
The Reuse Centre and Value Village have been mentioned in this essay so many times, but they have like, everything you ever need. Find craft supplies there!


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