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Sound & Carbon Calculators

Sound is a tough thing to think about sustainably, and to be honest, I’ve had a bit of trouble finding as much info on sound compared to the other departments. However, Julie’s Bicycle (, a company devoted to sustainability in the entertainment industry, has a Sustainable Purchasing Guide on their website. Here are a few good things to think about regarding the use of sound (and any) equipment:

– Do you really need to buy it in the first place?
– Can existing products or equipment be used instead?
– Can you rent or share instead of purchasing?

– How long will it last?
– Will it be quickly outdated?
– How will it be disposed?
– Can it be rented rather than bought?
– Where is it made and how is it transported?
– Is it produced in fair working conditions?
– Does its embodied environmental impact compete favourably with environmental benefits during its’ operational life?
– For equipment taken on tour, can it be lighter, easier to transport, or easier to hire locally?

Julie’s Bicycle also provides some links to carbon calculators: – according to this calculator, I’m living as if I had 1.98 Earths at my disposal. Yikes! I need a more efficient household! – according to this calculator, I’m using 1.9 tonnes of carbon in my apartment per year (the downfall of shitty old buildings) – this is a more long-term calculator that takes meter readings and so on into account.

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